Random Contemplation

"It was not that his heart would be broken by a disasterous love - he had outlived the luxurious agonies of youthful blood, and in this very freedom from illusion he recognized the loss of something. From now on, every hour of light-heartedness would be, not a prerogative but an achievement - one more axe or case-bottle or fowling-piece, rescued, Crusuo-fashion, from a sinking ship." (pa. 54, Chap8, Strong Poison by Dorothy Sayers)

Do you think this is true? I could see it being true for some people sometimes, but I don't want it to necessarily ever be true for me. When I am old I still want a wild changeability to live in my heart.

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March 13-28 catbird and I are biking the pacific coast from Eugene,OR to SantaBarbara/Irvine.

If you happen to be or know anyone enroute who'd be happy putting us up for a night that would be sweet. We're planning on camping most of it. I think we probably have most of the housing covered that we're going to find, but sleeping indoors is sweet and being dry and warm and showered makes me uberhappy.

Mudd GPA

Friend of mine emailed me today 'is X a good Mudd GPA' and I seem to remember Mudd Career Services had written a letter putting our GPA's in context (lack of grade inflation and the quality of our student body). Does someone have a link for this?


Woke up to fire alarm meet your neighbors this morning. 20 minutes barefoot on wet cement. Three fire trucks. The whole thing was actually handled quite well but there were two things that were somehow very comical:

An old woman comes out on a balcony on the second floor holding a greatly smoking pot and says to us folks waiting below, in a line, on the edge of the street: 'It was my cooking!'

Fire trucks show up and in short order we see firemen on the balcony in question picking up the pot and looking at it.

And then we all went back in.

Next time I'm bringing shoes.